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Powerset, Picollator, Viewzi (2008)

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Powerset was a company based in San Francisco, California that is developing a natural language search engine for the Internet. Powerset is working on building a natural language search engine that can find targeted answers to user questions (as opposed to keyword based search). Picollator was an Internet search engine that performs search for web sites and multimedia by visual query (image) or text, or a combination of visual query and text. Picollator recognized objects in the image, obtains their relevance to the text and vice a versa, and searches in accordance with all information provided.

Viewzi is a search engine company based in Dallas, Texas that is developing a highly visual experience that tailors the way users look at information based on what they are looking for. The Viewzi search engine lightens the data overload by filtering and grouping results into several distinct interfaces.

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Written by Bobby

May 23, 2010 at 5:03 am

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