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Cuil, LeapFish, Forestle, Valdo (2008)

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Cuil is a search engine that organizes web pages by content and displays relatively long entries along with thumbnail pictures for many results.Boogami is a search engine that was developed by James Wildish, a sixteen year old college student from Kent in United Kingdom. It combines a search engine with a pixel advertising grid that appears every time someone uses Boogami to search the Internet, and for the fact that it offers free pixel advertising to charities.

LeapFish is a search aggregator that retrieves results from other portals and search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Blogs, Videos etc. Forestle is one of the ecologically inspired web search sites created by Christian Kroll, Wittenberg, Germany, in 2008. Forestle saves 0.1 square meters (about 0.1 square yards) of rain forest per search event. Valdo caters to life sciences and biomedical researchers, educators, students, clinicians and reference librarians. In addition to providing focused search on biology research methods, databases, online tools and software, Valdo is also a resource for powerpoints on biomedical topics.

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Written by Bobby

May 23, 2010 at 5:04 am

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