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Aliweb came into Existance (1993)

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Second search engine, Aliweb appeared in November 1993. Aliweb allowed users to submit the locations of index files on their sites which enabled the search engine to include webpages and add user-written page descriptions and keywords. Aliweb the search engine which is distinguished from its contemporaries such as AltaVista by the fact that it does not automatically index sites. If a Webmaster wanted a site to be indexed by Aliweb then he or she would have to write a special file and register it with Aliweb Server. Because of the difficulty of doing this, ALIWEB has a much smaller database than search engines such as Lycos and has suffered in popularity.

Aliweb provided a tool allowing users to just keep track of the services they provide, in such a way that automatic programs could simply pick up their descriptions, and combine them into a searchable database.

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Written by Bobby

May 23, 2010 at 5:23 am

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