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Search Engine History contains information about all the major Search Engine Technologies that created a trend in the History. This Blog is designed for people who would like to get outline of  how the search technology that we are regularly using today was evolved. It is not a detailed collection of Search Engine History and will not provide you with complete knowledge of all the Search Engines but will surely help you in understanding which Search Engines dominated at what time and would be in position to calculate why? One thing i would like to point out is that using internet was not as easy and user-friendly to use in the past. Its the result of highly calculated development that gave birth to what we call today as Internet .

Beginning of Search Technology with Archie (1990)
Introduction of Gopher (1991)
Veronica and Jughead (1991)
Perl Scripts (1993)
W3Catalog & Wanderer (1993)
Aliweb came into Existance (1993)
JumpStation (1993)
WebCrawler (1994)
Lycos and Infoseek (1994)
Meta-Search Engine – SearchSavvy and MetaCrawler (1995)
Altavista – (1995)
Yahoo, Excite and SOP (1995)
Dogpile, Inktomi and HotBot (1996)
Ask Jeeves and Northern Light (1996-1997)
Google Began its Existance (1998)
AlltheWeb, GenieKnows and Naver (1999)
Teoma, Vivisimo, Exalead and Info (1999-2000)
Yahoo! Search (2004)
MSN Search & GoodSearch (2005)
Wikiseek, Guruji, Sproose and Blackle (2006-2007)
Powerset, Picollator, Viewzi (2008)
Cuil, LeapFish, Forestle, Valdo (2008)
Sperse, Yebol, Goby (2009 -2010)

As we had been using search engines since the past we know quiet a lot of Search Engines and are familiar with their names but not all. This Blog will provide you with an outline and names of the Search Engines and the role they played in the Search Engine History which you can use as keyword to search Google or some other Search Engine that you personally prefer and get detailed History of Search Engines. If you have any suggestions you can feel free to inform me in form of comments. I will be developing a detailed blog later on but for now you will get lots of other websites that details in Search Engine History. Thanks!

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